Privacy Policy

  • During the normal course of day to day business, Direct Freight Express and its related companies would collect information on its employees, clients, suppliers, sub contractors and others it deals with.

    The primary purpose for collecting such information is to be able to work more efficiently and closer with all parties to provide a better, more effective service.

    We understand the concerns that may arise with regard to the efficient collection of such information and we hope to clarify our policy in regard to the collection, storage and disclosure of such information.

    To ensure the integrity and privacy of any information collected in the normal course of business, Direct Freight Express will only divulge information it has to the individual concerned or authorised business representative or to someone who has proper authorisation to request such information. We are obliged under law to ensure that such information is only provided to the appropriate persons.

    Personal information is primarily held in our electronic databases and in paper based files. Such information is held under a range of security procedures to ensure the confidentiality of our clients, suppliers and employees.

    Should you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.